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Maxtorium is a self-service web portal which helps businesses offering SAP consulting services or using SAP products find freelance or permanent SAP consultants. Maxtorium offers detailed search functions that don't exist on any other platform because it focuses solely on SAP consultants.
Our vision is to connect businesses with consultants faster and cheaper than ever before.

Search for a Consultant

Clients search for consultants in the modules they want and request a proposal from suitable consultants that appear in the search results to be provided services by them.

Collect Proposals

Consultants receive the proposal request via the mobile app and submit their bid to clients if they would like to work for them.

Invite to an Interview

Clients evaluate bids and contact the most appropriate bidders to have an interview.

Perfect Matching

Find the ideal consultants for your project.

Fastest Recruitment

Collect proposals from consultants within a few days and complete the recruitment process in as little as a week.

Cheapest Recruitment

You don't have to pay thousands of dollars to recruitment agencies.

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